What Should I Add To My Warehouse Map [Repost]

Original Post: What Should I Add To Fill This Space Up?
I have multiple really big warehouse rooms, along with some smaller rooms that need decoration. Any Ideas?
What I Have So Far:
(Smaller Rooms)

(Big Room)

Any Ideas? Make Sure To Give Examples If You Do!

What do you do in the game?

It Is Cops And Robbers Tag:
Cops Tag Robbers And Put Them In Jail. Cops Win When All Robbers Are In Jail.
Robbers Win When The Time Is Up. Robbers Can Rescue Fellow Robbers From Jail.

Cool! Is this the game last time you needed help with the Cops getting into the Robbers Jail Zone? Just wondering, also looks good! Give me a minute to think…

More metal shelfs, and add dirt to make it look dirty. (pun intended)

Add more boxes and remove some of the papers. Also, add a tint on it.
Remove the water dispenser. Remove the cash overflowing from the safe. Remove the things that make it cozy.

Don’t make this tilted:
Screenshot 2024-02-28 5.46.48 PM

The command tables don’t fit with the theme.

This can be improved:
Screenshot 2024-02-28 5.48.28 PM
ModerateCape86- This Room Is Supposed To Be Like, The Bosses Room, That Controls The Warehouse And Stores The Riches.
Remove this shovel:
Screenshot 2024-02-28 5.49.10 PM

Make the props on the shelf have this:
Screenshot 2024-02-28 5.49.47 PM

This looks odd:
Screenshot 2024-02-28 5.51.32 PM
Why is 3/4 of the prop hidden?
ModerateCape86- It Is Supposed To Be A Shadow So You Can’t See In, But It Is Kind Of Ugly

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Hmm. What about some scattered trash or dropped cash/treasure the robbers stole?
:dollar: :ring: :coin:

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Yeah! I Fixed It.

That’s great @ModerateCape86 !

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OOH! What About A Secret Room That Has All The Loot?

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Yes!!! Make it hidden behind a safe or a storage box. Kind of like a hole in the wall

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Yes, sounds nice! Put some cash and some very old stuff!

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Make it hidden behind a no-collision prop

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Make the cracked wall somewhere like the robbers tried to get in to get cash or something, and make it extra spooky!

How about this?
Will Be Hidden By A Camera View Eventually
It Is At The End Of A Hallway
darker terrain is the floor terrain
Green-ish boxes have no collision


Anything else I should add?

I put a lot of suggestions here on post 5

Anything Else I Should add, Not Change?
Also, What Should I Do With The Giant Open Spaces?

This Is Probably Off-Topic, But Showcase Link To See What It Looks Like So Far. Link

you should make a place where you can look through stuff and get items