What sections of maze should I add

Im making a maze game and I need sections like for example (these are things I have already) a dark area, a wearhouse area and a long hallway. if you have any ideas can you tell me?

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its in an office building the story is that you forgot something at work so you go back but the doors are locked and you solve a maze to get out. (i don’t have an ending idea yet) and theres sectons like a wearhouse and a office and long hallways. that’s where I need the ideas.

Maybe a storage room esque room

Make a secret storage room with money

I have created a maze map if you want i can give you a padlet and you could get idea from there

alr, how about a cafeteria, break room, meeting room, or even a rooftop. You should also add an elevator. That would be super cool

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You could make a parking lot, an archives area, basement, electrical room, and janitor closet.

@Gizmo2.0 if you want idea for a maze map I’ve created one and if you want i can give you a padlet and you can get idea from there

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