What other things should I add to my laser tag

I have a traditional laser tag. Its for my class and I want it to be cooler so I’m asking you

Add lots of obstacles and speed upgrades/health upgrades

Alright I will try that.

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ok I did it. let me know if you have any other ideas!

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You should either use the snowball launcher for its fire rate, or the slingshot for its projectile speed.

Make a maze that people can hide in, or multiple maps that you teleport around.

I already have that and I am currently making @getrithekd

Ok. Maybe a stun gun?

Snowball launcher is

limited camera views in some map areas


No. Slingshot machine gun is.

Snowball launcher is better. Faster fire rate, faster reload, more ammo. Only drawback is damage and speed. Even then the snowballs are still fast. Snowball launcher can reload 20 snowballs in 2 seconds. Slingshot takes like 5 seconds.


Slingshot machine gun has a fast fire and reload rate.

im not sure about a stun gun. I cant code that but I made so you can choose different classes / different weapons

Wdym slingshot machine gun
I only know slingshot

You would have to go really low level (hardware like) to code that. Sorry for suggesting that.

You know the quantum portal machine gun? It’s that but with a slingshot.

You could add a stun tag

Maybe randomly turning on/off barriers?

That is… interesting to think about.