What other things should I add to my laser tag

Well, after you run out of ammo you have to wait like 10 seconds

No. You get a new one each time, so the reload doesn’t matter.

Wait wdym new one each time

If you switch back and forth then you still will eventually have to reload

ohhh I like that <99999999>

Ok. I don’t know that.

Nvm I just saw what you mean’t

Maybe capture zones? If you stand in a small zone far enough, the region the camera view is in is now yours. Then maybe you can stun people in there?

Bu a snowball launcher will still be better bc you have to wait 1 sec between each shot for a slingshpt

No. I mean if you tag someone, they slow or stun. You can extend the effect to like an aura of 3 tile radius.

Have you seen the quantum portal machine gun guide?

I just looked at it.

I made my own version.

do you think you can put the link here

No. I meant that I thought of my own version of stuns. I didn’t make my own map.

oh ok < ooooooooooooodaooo >

No Spaces in the <>. Also, oops wrong link

what why does it do that

oh now it works