What other areas should I add to my open world game

what do you mean but they spelled it wrong, you could probably take reference from real life places though

Add a lake where you can go to the center of the lake to dive into the center. Doing so will grant you an (achievement?) and a area with a breathing system. You can also create a wind temple, where you have to navigate through a laser maze at 4 times speed. Alternatively, you could create an earth maze where you have to dodge traps at half speed in near darkness. Just some random ideas I came up with…

i like this idea. ima add it!

ima also add this idea. I like that you need to trade with someone to get something.

ask Blackfox45666 he/she is a prop designer

and if you want add an ocean biome

can i see your world

So am I, I am one of the best on the forum, same as @Blackfox45666. We are both really good designers, I just like things to be more perfect and realistic that she does. Thats why my work doesn’t get posted as often. See I made this a few days ago;
Screenshot 2023-09-08 8.37.34 PM


You can’t post codes on here, so so it on the Wix or the GCC please.

that looks great also how do i get to wix or gcc

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By links, here is the link to the GCC; gimkitcommunitycentral.discourse.group/invites/yBZZ1gqqAD
and here is a link to the Wix; https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/group/code-sharing/discussion

You can learn how to trade with sentries with this guide (not mine):

alright I have added some of the town. thanks for the idea!

are you gonna add the laboratory or have you already done that

I have not even finished one of them yet. It takes a long time to build this stuff

if you give me the code on wix i can help im agood designerr and have alot of free time

sure I will try to give you the code when as soon as I get out of school around 2:00 EST.

What if you add sky islands somehow, like Tears Of The Kingdom, or underground caverns?

I have underground caverns already but sky islands I can try. might or might not work.

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