What other areas should I add to my open world game

you guys voted for an open world collector game and I have 3 areas grass, snow and dessert but I need more what else should I add?

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what does wsym mean?

add a laboratory in the desert for Dantdm

you know what thats a good idea.


Add a pyramid for the desert that is a maze for items, and for the snowy area make a crashlanded ship and you have to build it by finding the parts that are scattered, and for the grass make a town that you have to help the villagers to get rewards.


thats some good ideas.

Thanks, thats something i would do so thats why i said it.

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I have something like the pyramid idea except i don’t have the puzzle so ima add that.

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wait I didn’t know you can reply to yourself

Yeah you can reply to anyone including yourself.

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Add a sea with a village to trade with.

Add a jungle and pit secrets behind some trees

what do you mean but they spelled it wrong, you could probably take reference from real life places though

Add a lake where you can go to the center of the lake to dive into the center. Doing so will grant you an (achievement?) and a area with a breathing system. You can also create a wind temple, where you have to navigate through a laser maze at 4 times speed. Alternatively, you could create an earth maze where you have to dodge traps at half speed in near darkness. Just some random ideas I came up with…

i like this idea. ima add it!

ima also add this idea. I like that you need to trade with someone to get something.

ask Blackfox45666 he/she is a prop designer

and if you want add an ocean biome

can i see your world