What Next? For my tag game:

So my tag game is at 83 plays, I refuse to add another update til we reach 100. So what should I add next?
the game is like the original tag game that you used to play at recess. one - two people are taggers and they try tagging someone else and when that person gets tagged they become the tagger
Things I already have:
-Pregame waiting room
-Lots of details
-Hiding spots
When an idea is suggested I will make a poll so you guys can vote!
If I fail to update the poll feel free to do so

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Special Events.

Example: On a rare occasion, when the game starts a signal is broadcasted, forcing you to partake in a boss fight or an obstacle course. The special events can be anything from a race, all the way to a boss fight.

You can’t expect us to give you good ideas when all you say is that it’s a tag game

i updated it.

Adding some abilities and tools that you can buy at the start of the game would add some spice.

Leave out the description if you want. Just don’t complain if you don’t get good ideas.

Any other ideas?

bro theres a poll just vote there

…? What? Whaddaya mean?
I suggested that before the poll…

ok then sry mb. can you do it in the poll too then


He did

:frowning: no responses while at lunch?

How about a pregame minigame? Or like a fast travel system for the tagger?

Still want some more

Gonna push this up again

Bruh be patient.

yo i wanna play this whats it called

can i also ask why nobody voting except me