What is the most challenging kind of game to make in GimKit?


I wonder, since the community has tons of games to be made, I wonder; what IS, the most difficult kind of game to make, it can be a fighting game, a obstacle course, etc.
I would like to know from you guys.
thanks, Iced. :–D

Probably the most complicated game to make that’s a guide is ______Land.
In general, it’s usually board games. [1]

  1. but that’s my opinion ↩︎

I guess maybe a graphing calculator or one that requires a lot of mechanics and block code, so like a simulation I guess.

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Thank you, and yes, I have.

Make a coding language so that players can make mini games inside your map.

Now that is what I call complicated beyond belief.


don’t you mean computer language? [1]

  1. blackhole made one called brainf (it has a swear word in it but its not what you think, its an actual satire computer language ↩︎

the actual is brain----, yes, but blackhoole made brainfluff
and no, I meant a programming language.

___Land was the hardest at the time

nowadays many games are harder than that:
you can try replicating BH’s 3-D renderer

Try ClicClac’s Time Travel (there is a complicated timer)

And although not that hard, make fall damage (by Pika_Pokemon)

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Detect when players get hit by a projectile![1]

  1. this is practically gimpossible but who knows? ↩︎

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Hardest game? Probably making a 3D renderer or something.


yooo, I can’t wait until gimkit puts this out. (if they ever do…)


some challenging ideas: classical games made with a render like snake (ppl have made that before and I’m currently making it) or pac-man or something. A 3D game or artificial intelligence, or a programming language would also be VERY hard. Also you could make a cursor position detector, people have talked about that on the forums before.zone render distance


I agree that board games will be some of the hardest. Some people are trying to create chess, and that has 10 to the 120th power amount of moves. (Wires, channels, triggers, blocks, headache!)

how bout a tower defense? definitely possible, although it’s gonna take a lot of thinking and text display and stuff

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Is it possible to make a coordinate system so large and precise that you can create a series of coordinates that a tracking and moving sentry is possible? That would be hard to make, possibly the hardest considering the sentry is just following you and it requires so much repetitition.

Yes, and that would also take up a lot of memory. It would be amazing if that were developed, and would open a lot of new avenues to gameplay.

Maybe an escape room because you have to come up with clues and hidden Easter eggs

Smooth animation.