Zone render distance

If you have a tracker that tracks how many people are in an area, and someone teleports out, the player counter won’t update. My reasoning for this is that when you teleport out, the zone tries to broadcast on the channel, but gets un-rendered before it can. However, if you teleport/re-render the zone, it will broadcast. This was a theory of mine, (I guess it’s a real thing now) but I think that it explains how this happens. I called this render distance because I don’t have a better name for it at the moment. Another theory topic here.


Have you tested this theory? (I would love to see how it turns out)

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That’s a pretty good name if you ask me! I haven’t really used zones and teleporters much but maybe I could find something out!


Yes, I have. I wrote this after testing it. Does that change this from being a theory?

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You should make a “theory” tag for posts just like this. (yes technically it is still a theory)

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I guess so, but have you tested it multiple times in multiple conditions or just the same every time? If you change stuff It might have different results.


GIMKIT science!!!

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I have tested it multiple times. If you teleport somewhere close to the zone then the zone will update but if you teleport farther away from the zone it won’t update.

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Excellent… (this is a reference to the Simpsons)


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Very interesting…
I’m gonna check this out.

edit: hmm, i’m not seeing what you’re talking about. I tried going across the entire map and nothing happened.

Everyone, lets get back on topic.

Interesting. It makes sense as well. Cool find!

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What I did was a zone that broadcasts on “Safe” when someone leaves it, and “Unsafe” when someone enters it. I also had 2 notification devices to tell me when the channels went off. I walked in, and then I teleported out, far away. When I walked in, the “Unsafe” notification went off, and then when I teleported lout nothing happened. Then, once I got close to the zone again, the “Safe” notification went off.


Very interesting.
It also seems to be on a very small range, as in you only trigger the exit signal once you can SEE the zone. This seems like an oversight by the devs, they could’ve forgotten that players can tp out of zones.

I like it.

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This seems interesting. It reminds me of those hidden bases on Minecraft servers that use chests and don’t show up when you walk away, even when normal blocks do.

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Hold up, so you’re telling me we must use triggers and wires? The entire rest of my game uses channels, but in order to fix this, I’ll try it and get back to yall with results.

So, that didn’t work. I’m going to revert to the old format, that didn’t have this issue.

Interesting theory!

How do you render a zone?