What is the limit of kits? Is there any?

The question above :arrow_up:

I don’t think there is, but can you be a bit more clear with what you mean? Do you mean a questioner?

If so there’s a guide for it - A List to All Devices With Limits!

There is a limit of 6 questioners. @ABCDalt please clarify or mark a solution.


If you mean the kits you make then no I don’t think there is a limit
also this forum is meant for gimkit creative only

If you’re talking about kits, then it’s not on the forum because it’s not in Gimkit Creative, so this is off-topic. Please mark a solution.

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each kit only can have up to 400 questions

This helps! I needed about 200 something kits, and the same amount of questioners.

A bit late but good luck on your text-entry system! :slight_smile:

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