What is Pseudo-Health and how do I add it?

I’m trying to make the players health constantly decrease throughout the game and I need help doing that.

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Here you go, here is a guide about this topic:

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It’s basically a different measure of health that you can control. It makes it so that you can measure health, but it can’t mesh with real health or guns very well.

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Okay, I’ll let y’all know if I have any problems.


@I-am-helpful the guide that you made didn’t really make sense to me. I’m only 13 so I’m still pretty slow :joy:

its okay don’t worry someone might be able to break it down (don’t start dancing)

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its alright so people just don’t grasp the concept easily. @getrithekd mind if you explain?

I already did…

yea i was talking about the guide @twofoursixeight posted

My explanation still stands. You use a property to track something, and if that property reaches some value that you set, the player dies.

So you don’t know how to add pesudon health or you do?

I do… Pseudo health is your own measure of health…

So how do you add it?

You use a property that tracks something

(My teacher has goguardian so I will respond later)

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Okay, so I’m making it to where if the player is in the zone, they lose health. Do I need to connect wires between the two?

Pseudo-Health is pretty complicated, it’s a way to trick the game into making your health a property. Honestly, I’m not the type of person to explain it, there are guides on it. Also,

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No, get a trigger and connect it to the zone, you should already have a property that is named “Health” or something like that. (I did PlayerHP) make it number, and the number the health you want. Make the block code on the trigger:
Screenshot 2024-03-06 12.32.17 PM
The minus number is however much health you want them to lose
Tell me if you want the player to spectate when their “Health” gets to 0

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@Crimson_Knight What should my settings be for the trigger. And I’m at school too

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