What is property?

I don’t know what property is.


It’s a device.
Properties Help

A property is the “core device to store data in blocks”

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A property stores information like your score

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Thanks guys I didn’t really understand it

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Here is another useful guide on properties-

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why are you just sending him a picture of property? your acting like he hasn’t read that already…

Properties can store either a true/false value (aka boolean), a number, or a text. They can store whatever you want and you can use them for whatever you want.

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idk how else to explain it ):

Bro I know that But what the rest of you guys have given me helped a lot.

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sorry, i don’t usually use properties. the best explanation i could give that a property stores information. It’s usually used to watch over something. It’s pretty useful in more technical projects, like a player counter.

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