Properties Help

Problems with properties in blocks? This should help.
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For comparisons or other things using properties where you are trying to get the property value,

(not to be confused with setting the property to a certain value, look for this later in the guide), you must use the “get property” block before putting the property itself. Basically, you need to do this:
(Example comparison)

If (Get property=>The property itself)=(10)
| (Insert code here)
_____________________________________________ (End of if block)

Or, if you need to set a property to something,

Put down a “Set property block”. Inside of the block, you must put a “create text with” block in the value section before specifying the value you want the property to be. Also, you do not need to add a “get property” block before the property into the property section of the set property block. Whew! That was a lot of properties in one sentence.
(Example set property block)

Property (Property)

Set value (Create text with=>Text block)

Only use the blue text boxes for numbers, and green text boxes for letters.

As a side note, you can customize the “create text with” block by clicking the gear icon, so you could make it have only one of the block holes/puzzle pieces/whatever it’s called instead of the default number of 2.

If you need any more help let me know.
Too complicated? Also ask here, I can try to explain it another way.
Need general help with other block stuff, or maybe even devices/mechanics? Ask away.


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