What is Gimkit Creative?

I do not know what it is.

(No offense) why are you here then?

Gimkit creative is where you can build games based on Gimkit.


I was invited by a friend.

That makes more sense

Ok!!! But what kind of games?? Chess? Checkerboard?? I want to build these games!!! Oh, even a battle royale!

Anything. Battle royales are the most popular. Chess and checkers will be very challenging though, so you should get started on something easier like battle royales

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*In theory if you know how *

Ok!!! But what kind of game can i make? And how do you go to Gimkit Creative?

Go to Gimkit - live learning game show

Go to gimkit.com then make an account. You can make a LOT of games. Battle royales are the easiest. To get started, you should check out guides marked with beginner-must-read . Also, make sure to mark a solution

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Blocked :frowning:

Really? It’s normally encouraged by schools

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Uh, I’m sorry then, but there’s basically no point of you being here if gimkit is blocked except to watch the forums.

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It shouldn’t be, since it’s educational. Try searching up gimkit.

Unless you did everything hypothetically which is a pretty chad route.

Do you have a different computer or device to play on?

It is because it’s adding more updates like it’s gaming so my school blocked it

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Nevermind!!! I can play, it just failed to load

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