What is default on movement meter?

What does turning off default on the movement meter do, I was trying to do something and saw it.

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It is like an override thingy. If default is off then other movement meters can be used for different players.

So if off, the movement meter only works for the player that activated it, like when on other devices it is set from team-player?

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hi I have some one how can help you

yes I’m pretty sure that’s how it works

i’m not sure, but you can test it. to mostly garantee it works for only that player have it be activated by a button it is the simplest way to track it.

Ok, I will see what it does and put the results in a minute.


default on: is used by everyone at start
default off: must be activated

search @Astro123 he will help

I had a lifecycle that made it deactivate on start, but when you pressed a button it activated. The person who activated the meter (by pushing the button) activated it for them only this was when it was off. When it was on, it made it so that the lifecycle did not turn it off, and also it made it so it effected all the people in the game. This could be why it was not just like the other ones where you could set it to players, because it does two things, not just players. I will mark this as the solution, but only because @Kosm0-o put 2 different reply’s instead of one, thanks Kosm0-o!

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