What is Bumping? (I just say the word?)

Yeah, what’s bumping?

Bumping bumps a topic to the top.

So if you have a guide that fell to the bottom, if you “bump” it it will go to the top.

Yes you just say the word.

solution rn


When you bring back a helpful/needed/important topic back to the topic.
Generally bump a guide after 2 or more days.
You can get creative with your bumps.


Topics are sorted by when someone last replied. When you BUMP a topic, you are bumping it to the top.

You usually bump guides that may have been forgotten, or lost to time.

If a reusable bump (wiki bump made by a regular) is there, don’t post anything under it because that will make the wiki bump obsolete.
wiki bumps are usually checkboxes.
since only regulars can make wikis, only regulars can make reusable bumps.


And, just so you know, most people won’t appreciate you putting “time to get TL3” in your bio when you’re not on the track to get it at all.
For one thing, all of your guides are unhelpful and unfinished, you don’t finish most of the thumbnail commissions you offer to do, and the ones you do finish are rather low-quality, you haven’t been on the forums long enough, you don’t have enough read time, you aren’t active enough, you have way less likes than the average regular, and it’s insulting that you would try to get regular for the sake of being a regular rather than getting it naturally like everyone else by being a good, solid, helpful forum member.

Don’t take this personally, but you wouldn’t be someone to have in mind as the next regular if you don’t start making helpful, useful guides and solve more people’s issues, and being way more active.


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