What in the name of GIMKIT!

Someone help! I keep Reloading and nothing works!

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Legit the same thing happening to me rn :<

Are the servers down?

I think so… it was down for me every since last night…

Yeah that also happened to me, seems like gkc except the forums are down

Ima ping the mods and see if they can help.

I literally just found out this is happening

No don’t ping the mods


not sure if thats the best idea tho

are you on an ipad or something?

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oh nvm
put this in Bugs too if you will

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But they are really the only source for information if the servers are down….

gkc’s sever are slow today

they wiill fix it eventuallly

I just got the error too, on windows 11.
The site is slow for me as well.


here comes bh…

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yeah, same

i have windows 11 too

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Same here, It’s not loading for me either

I guess something got messed up in the backend since it’s a heroku (a cloud hosting service that developers use to host websites) error showing :frowning:

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