What files in gkc can you edit using inspect element?

so using inspect element i found that u can edit live files using over ride but i dont have access to it rn
so are these gkc files editable?

  1. audio files (example mp3 or others)
  2. projectiles
  3. can the props be fully redesigned? [probably img src or somethin else]
  4. can the colors of the HUD be edited? (example health bar/or shield bar)
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they are not supposed to be i belive i wouldn’t mess with inspect because if you delete the wrong thing youll have to figure out how to code it back or your stuck like that

inspect is a temporary edit until u refresh so u dont really have to worry about that
and plus whats building stuff without taking a few risks and breaking limits? >:D


well your not wrong but ya you could edit things that you wouldn’t usally get

well yeah thats the point of editing stuff using inspect for example the awesome pen texture pack cassius created

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You can change most client-side interactions such as renderers, player position and zoom, I think you might be able to import devices from other maps in the near future. (if modders know how to do it and if you’re the map owner of course)

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oki so all those that i listed are editable? (and yeh i plan to use it for me own map)

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The top 3 I said could be edited, just ask the modding community. (gimhook)

huh oki but where would i find a gimkit modding community? just curious

This is a gimhook guide: A simple guide for Gimhook
gimhook discord server: Gimhook

the second one i dont have access to the first one is closed

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Is the discord link blocked by your administrator?

yesh i haz proxy that works but the bot checker always stops me -_-

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I guess you might want to use a pc at home to access the discord and work from there as you would need gimhook to do any actual modding, or learn how to edit files from inspect element, although you would only be able to edit textures temporarily.

edit: look at the post below, ignore my post

If you overload window.stores, then you can without gimhook.

How to Get window.stores Back

You’re going to have to search for the actual image file on inspect though. You could probably manage to permanently edit textures if in a overloaded js file you put code to use an image you have downloaded instead.

That aged well…

Earlier today I added window.stores and window.platformerPhysics to Gimhook. If you download Gimhook 0.1.0-rc3, you can just use those features.

(and yes, I am the creator of Gimhook, in case you didn’t already know somehow)

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Me: Makes an unlisted video so a few people can still make mods without me having to explain it every time, and so hacks don’t have to be worried about
LITERALLY EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE: How to Get window.stores Back



I fell for it

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you might get banned for “hacking” so i suggest not clicking a single file

wow. Very helpful :upside_down_face:

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