What do you think makes a good Gimkit map?

I want to know what you think makes a Gimkit map fun, so that way I can improve the ones I’m currently working on right now. Or if anyone else wants to.

decor, and how well you do the map, like code and what it about

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A lot of people like my team deathmatch map, you could make one of those

@Badkarma, what is it called? And thank you for your imput.

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Now what kind of game you making?
Depends on how you make it

I don’t know yet, but I wanted to know something I could use as a focus. I’ll look at some other guides after this as well, too, but I wanted some imput on what’s people like.

You could make stages like if you are making a battle royale, If you get 5 kills next stage opens for the player or something, if you are making a capture the flag, like in your pfp, You could make guns for capture the flag!, something that will make people play it a lot y’know?

A side objective, and medals

Thank yall’. I think I’ll make a Battle Royale that with stages and is 2.5d. I’ll also give rewards for whoever somepltes a task. Thank yall’ again.

your welcome, you could use notifications that they got a medal or achivement

If you go on my chat I could help, and ur welcome

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I’ve tried a Battle Royale like the one I just described, but I messed up the story I gave it, and it ended up being more of a story based game than a action packed battle royale.

I had an overlay with achievements listed in a pop upusing properties. For every achievement, just edit the property

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That’s a good idea and I think I’ll do it. Thank you. did you make a guide on it?

Not yet, but I’ll put a screenshot
Changing it (Achievement get)
Screenshot 2023-12-16 1.00.23 PM
Presenting it
Screenshot 2023-12-16 12.59.20 PM

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Screenshot 2023-12-16 12.47.17 PM

You can also have an achievement room which is easier

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@GimSolver I was looking for ways to improve my map. I was also wondering what makes Gimkit a fun game to play and make. (I don’t mean to sound mean if I do)

it depends on what kind of map it is, but i would recommend adding: LOORRREEEE

(and easter eggs.)


Thank you. I love easter eggs as well, and do have any recommendations on how to make them.