What are ways to use blocks in a multiplayer game?

I’ve heard that good games have blocks, but I can’t find a use for blocks in my game other than sending a notification “[player name] activated the machine”. I’m making a multiplayer game between two teams where you attack the other team’s reactor, and you get money by knocking out other players, and one team can buy mines in specific places and also buy for a laser that covers the entire map to be activate (only for the other team of course) And also an X-virus which basically makes the team able to tag the other team for a period of time.And the other team can buy barriers and “the power of the creator” which can respawn random players for 10 seconds. And both teams can buy sentrys. And in a lab both teams can upgrade their blasters, heal, and buy dynamic terrain.

if you don’t need blocks to make your game good then you don’t have to force blocks into your game

is your discord name also ire? cuz I think I saw you there

I mean, I want to make it more complex and I want some ideas on how to use blocks. By the way yeah I’m IRE on discord

hmm, Well you could make a kill streak with this guide:

RNGs and very popular and you can do almost anything with them…

If you don’t know how to use block code:

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he meant block code, I think

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yeah…I’m going to mark a solution

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