What are some ways to block a major griefer?

The fandom is having a problem currently. There is this griefer, who’s called Mark, and joins all our creative games, private or public, and starts yelling vulgarities, griefing the entire map, and basically bad mouths everyone. We tried making a private fandom, but someone shared it with him, we’re trying to set up a wix, and trying out RName Gen. Is there anyway we can block him inside the game? Please respond ASAP. This is getting way out of hand.

maybe make a box for pregame and make it so people spawn there, and only let people edit when he’s gone?

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We’re suspecting it’s not just one person. There are many “Marks” that play at once. He also impersonates other users. Thanks!

Do only you and a group of people know a certain code from another place? Make a user that has a name identical to your secret code, and post the code on the message wall.

Or you could try the https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing/group/code-sharing/discussion and create a groupchat there (it’s private).

Although the wixsite group chats are laggy, they are a lot safer.

Message Wall? Social Activity exists, and he is always watching all our walls. And these guys are newbies. They don’t have access to the older secret things.

Sunny is trying to get one up. One with a user waitlist. Or user verification.

I’m talking about the wixsite that already exists:

Prob is, most users dont have a home email.

You can use fake emails on the wixsite, there are no confirmation messages.

Like, “huntermuffin@wixsite.com” would probably work.

Here’s the thing: there could be risk of impersonation, which is always there.

who is this mark guy i might have a plan just to teach him a lesson

Some griefer. Go onto the Gimkit Fandom, and look for any creative posts. You’ll find him pretty fast. Usual user is a face. I’ma try and get some ppl onto the GKC wix

It would be simpler if the rest of the fandom joined the WIX that has already been made by @CringeKarlScott. It has about 300+ users and they are a great and friendly community, So I would recommend getting on it. Also I was Informed of this by @RickStachely 2 days ago and I figured out a way to ban this “Mark” person so that he will not grief any more games. I know all the attacks, the times, the names he has used and I have a guess of when he will again. So I can do my best to help but tell Togapi to watch a game link that gets posted and when “Mark” gets on tell togapi to view who has clicked the link and IP ban him, because normal ban has not worked. This is my advice to the Fandom @MuffinHunter0823.

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bro my school blocked the wix and the community central forum
i swear ima report them
they cant keep me off of my own website


How can I help? Its your site and my forum is not going to get blocked.

Heh. If it were so easy. He’s a guest. Thats why we can’t ban him. Even if we ip ban, he can still look. Also, we’re kinda attached to fandom. Also, he’s starting to attack official gamemodes.

@MuffinHunter0823 pls get on this so we don’t off-topic chat, i have some things I would lie to talk to you about. https://gimkitcommunitycentral.discourse.group/invites/yBZZ1gqqAD