What are some ways to block a major griefer?


i cant check my emails bruh
im on a school computer
ill check it soon

ok Lxmas had the same issue and ReeHee helped me fix it.

Thats not good, cuz I don’t know.

Or maybe you could try to annoy him back???

i wish they added seperate perms for each person :frowning:

it didnt work :frowning:

Let me ask Reehee.

Can we talk to him on the forums???

He is not on the forum, but he is on the GCC, which does not help.

who is mark? It seems that i missed a lot in my vaca.

Mark is an inactive user on the fandom and someone who does not have an account is clicking game links and griefing them. and his name everytime he logs on to one is “Mark” so thats what he is know as.


Yeah it has been happening since may, so most users are moving to the GCC and WIX.

oof ive never seen him tho

probably best to stay that way

Same and true

Welcome to the forum, @MuffinHunter0823! I remember you from the lxmas forums! Maybe post that on nolt website?