Weird Coordinate System Help (Advanced)

This is very difficult for me to understand. Basically, I need a system that when you move around a 3x3 grid, it will change your “position”, display it, and teleport you back to the center. Here’s what I came up with:

Here’s what the overlay ends up looking like in game:

Yeah I think its because I’m using text properties to do math or smn lol what do you guys think? If you need any specific settings for any of the devices, let me know.

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Yeah, you’re going to need math properties, and since the variables are numbers, you’re also going to have to have a convert numbers to text blocks where you have text operations with the variables.

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Yeeeaaaahhhhh my brain is broken and I did not understand a single word you just said lol :sweat_smile:

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Go to the properties, and make them number properties. Then, in every text block, put a ‘convert number to text (with commas)’ in front of all variables in those text blocks. Understand now?

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I don’t think that will work, because I want the numbers to be multiple digits long and I used the comma to separate them, but the only way that works is with a text property.

But you don’t need the comma in the properties and variables themselves if you convert in to text, which automatically inputs the commas. To the number properties will be easier. Also, variables can only hold numerical data, not text data.

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do you think you could use waypoints and movement meters to make a coordinate system

No. Waypoints can track players, but there is no way to retrieve that data if you need it. And movement meters just track if you are moving or if not, as well as take away items for moving.

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hmmm… I’m going to test some things out

It adds in the commas automatically yes, but not where I want them.

You can just add the commas later on. Plus, it still won’t work because variables only hold numerical data.

What are you even trying to accomplish with this system.

It seems similar to JSN navigation from one of anonymous’ guides but it isn’t really clear why such a long string holds a position.

Are you trying to make a tile based game using a joystick and a barrier/text display?

I should be able to help if you explain what you’re block code is trying to accomplish

Nononono I don’t think you understand. Lets say that my coordinates are 15, 3. If I used a number property it would show up as 153. Now how would I be able to tell if I was at 15, 3 or 1, 53? The comma is necessary to differentiate the numbers.

Hold on, why are they one property? Let’s say you have xprop, and yprop:
To display the Coords, just do:
Join Text:
Convert to text - xprop
, (comma)
Convert to text - yprop
It will now be x,y. Just uses one more property worth of data.


Ok I’ll try that. I was trying to save some memory.

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Ok. Might be a more efficient way, but I would rather have the system working than saving a bit of memory.

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Yep that worked. Even the wall system works!

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