Weather Control topic (continued)

I actually forgot i marked a comment as a solution and now can’t go back. we can continue discussing it here.

what the heck is weather control (please put a link back to the first one here)

so, nolt keeps deleting my comments apparently, so i can’t do that anymore :confused:

thats called being banned

Original topic:

welp, ig now nolt is obselete. so, idk wut other site i could use.

well your banned on there pernamently becuase of something you said or did (i was too but i was over that place, no rules, and lots of little kids) you can use wix or get a docs, canva, or padlet with friends

padlet is blocked by GoGuardian (the stupidest thing in history). i don’t think canva would do much better. also, nolt should at least add a ban notification update to actually remind u dat ur banned.

no you just get banned, and canva is actually better than padlet in my opion (it is also a school resorce, you can also use slides and doc)

@furry99pr0t00focxx this is not nolt and is not a place to suggest new features please mark a solution

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toung twistr? Not nolt, but a knot not knotted, not knitted or netted, nor entangled or entwined, just a knot that’s not a nolt.

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and Peter Piper picked peppered pickles


  1. i’ll get on topic now ↩︎

  2. how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood ↩︎

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ok, noted for next time i try 2 get help with sumthin.