Weather Control device idea

idk if this is off topic or not but i think many people may want this. It’s called the “Weather Control.” here’s the things it’ll do:

Static (constant weather): normal, rain, thunderstorm, snow, blizzard, any tree type blowing in any mph wind speed.

Dynamic (mostly disasters): wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, floods, sinkholes, earthquakes. rain to sunshine and whatever else u can think of.

This would be useful for GKC bc people can actually set the vibe of their GKC map.

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I suggest just copying and pasting all that. good stuff.
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idk why, but i wasn’t able to see new comments or whatever anymore on there, so i perm logged out of there. so nolt ain’t a good idea.


Remember to mark solutions. wingwave answered.

edit: nvm


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ik wingwave responded. also i kinda wanna wait for a lot more comments to determine solutions, just my personal pref

doesn’t work either.

Well, suggestions are actually considered off-topic. That’s why I tried to get you to post it on another website.


Try emailing about both your suggestion and your problem with

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wait… maybe i got nolt and feedback mixed up. lemme go look rq

ok, nolt works. got it switched around. so i actually could copy and paste it on there.

alr smart

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oh cool! yeah i’m gonna try to send all this over to so they can hopefully see it. let you know when i get any replies. this would be a pretty cool feature, i could see that working for my maps. i like the dynamic feature. thanks for sharing all this, hope they read it lol

ok, dawg! i hope they reply too!

oh :frowning: well it was just an idea. i’m sorry if it was a dumb one. i think the community here is cool, but it’s hard to give ideas sometimes because it feels like they’re not always well accepted. i’m not trying to sound mean, i just wanted to get my idea out there and i feel like i was being ignored


whatd i do?

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oh not you, it’s not your fault. i’m just in a bad mood rn and took my frustration out on you, and in hindsight it was completely uncalled for. sorry.

i think wing wuz talking to me, not u. ur not being ignored and ur not dumb, homie!

do you need an inspirational speech?

i can go type it up real quick

We care for you here!

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yeah thats true

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aw that’s so nice of you. honestly yeah i could go for some inspiration rn. and again, im really sorry for snapping, that’s on me

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