Weaponless Sentry

My friend is making a mario-kart map, and he is trying to get a sentry to be his audience. How does he make the sentry weaponless?

IDK how to make one weapon less but you could just make a barrier or make them have bad aim and slow shots.

dont reply if you dont know the answer

There’s no possible way to do this.

Although it used to be possible (with this guide)

The guide has (Patched) on it, meaning that josh has removed that feature (this was part of sentry interactions, and josh didn’t mean to add that)

Sadly, weaponless sentries don’t exist. But you could put an invis barrier over the sentry so they can’t attack

sadly it doesn’t work :((

The guide’s title has (Patched) on it.

It’s no longer able to do this but if you put the sentry on his team and hide the gadget you could do something like that

You COULD just set the sentries on the same team. They won’t not have visible weapons, buuuut they won’t shoot at you

im trying to hide the gadget

sadly that’s no longer possible