Weapon randomizer help

how to make a randomizer that drops weapons

Im going to test something out but does it cost something to use?
I need to know to test it

Just use this one but adapt it for weapons

Use this for the randomized then just make it drop weapons

yes i does mhmhmhmhmhm

@DriftUknown_YT there are several guides on this.


no but i dont see guides for weapons

Just adapt it to fit what you need

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Like that the banana is the payment so set it to negative 1
and then the rest set to give on launcher 1/2/3 subsequently

and that block code is in the banana item granter

@The_7th_Dragon is right. Like if you want a teleport all button you could use this guide and edit it slightly.

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If it works, then please mark a solution!

Or you could use teleporters

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Make sure to mark solution

You could have a system that starts with a button. That button triggers a trigger. In the trigger, it sets a variable to a random integer between 1 and 3. Then, make it broadcast on "Give Weapon " + your variable. Then, have 3 item granters, 1 receives on “Give Weapon 1”, the next on “Give Weapon 2”, you get the idea. Each of those has a different weapon.


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