Ways to improve my among us map

Does anyone have any ways I can improve my among-us map. I haven’t done everything, but I want to get some suggestions on how to improve the current rooms.



None of the rooms have all of the fine details done except the lobby.

I know my name is in the screenshots, but my name has accidentally been added to so many of my guides at this point and it’s not like we’re on 4chan.

Maybe add a bit more of color variation to the floors like in among us.

I suggest taking a look at WolfTech’s Among Us map, for inspiration:

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I have, but I didn’t feel it was as accurate as I wanted it to be. I still have looked at a little though.

Oh, sorry about that.

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Maybe I could use tinted barriers? Do you think that would work?

Your map looks kinda bland. Spice it up with terrain and props!

Also, some floors are supposed to be different colors. Your map looks too boring.

I’m working on that. I’m mostly mapping out the room shapes and stuff right now.

Try tinting some of the props to different colors.

Do you have any suggestions for some of the individual rooms?

Well, the tvs look kinda out of place… like they’re all on the ground!

TVs. Why are they all on the floor?
Try putting some terrain underneath them.

Oh okay, I’ll leave this open for a tiny bit longer. Thanks for the suggestion!
Going to close this, but I like all the ideas!

Maybe a little more decor. Overall, very cool.

In the places where the pathway meets the void, add some frozen lake terrain for glass

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