Waypoint devices tracking player on a specific team (Resolved)

I tried using waypoint devices and relay to do this, but it doesn’t work somehow. Sorry if this is asked too many times.

The option “Location Of Player” in the waypoint device option doesn’t work at all.

Give me a second…

Do you mean all players, or just a player?

All the players in a team.

From what I could see:

  • Don’t use wires.
  • A basic trigger → waypoint setup adds a waypoint onto the person that triggered it.

Adding in a relay causes… issues.

  • Trigger → relay (all players) → waypoint: Puts a waypoint on the last player to enter the game, regardless of the amount of waypoints or players. IDK why

  • Trigger → relay (all other players) → waypoint: Same thing.

  • Trigger → relay ( specific team) → waypoint: Last player to enter that team.


TLDR: you can only have one waypoint device on a player at a time. If you have multiple waypoints that activate from the same channel, they will be applied to the same person.

However, if you have two different waypoints that activate from two different channels, then they will latch onto two different players.

In this example, me and player four are on the same team. The relays are set to random player on team 2, and the channel format is what is down below. Imporant caveat: you can move the waypoints by stepping on the trigger again, but there is always a chance that multiple of the waypoints will bunch up on a single player. You could use this to your advantage, though. Make a powerup that lets you see UP TO everyone else on the opposing teams position.


Tysm for all this info! Let me try to find a way to work around with this then.

I’ve managed to fixed the system, thanks again!

Edit: Also, I think you should make this a guide.

Nah, I have a lot of stuff to do in other aspects of Gimkit. If someone wants to turn these posts into their own guide however, I’m fine with it!


Actually, I take that back.

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