Way to change maximum of an item?

Is there a way to change the maximum of an item? The only way I can think of is using multiple inventory item managers for each maximum, but that’d be too many, and I think there might be an easier way. I want to make a backpack system for my fishing system.

You could use a property instead and a checker that runs 5 checks (add more if needed)
Edited my post @ArcherThesu bc I ran out, item removal?

How would I prevent more from being put in the inventory?

actually, you would use multiple inventory item managers that activate and deactivate

I don’t think they wanted to do that.

i know, but i was just letting them know that they would have to do it that way, even if they don’t like it

I was wondering if there was a better way to go about it, as doing multiple inventory item managers seems too inefficient