Wanting to collab with other gims to make a big- project map! (A RPG that is similar to blox fruits but focuses on Naruto!)

( Idk If this is off-topic so I’m not putting the tag, back to what I was talking about!)

ALLLLRIGHTY! I’ve decided to take one of my favorite anime to GCK Maps! It Is a Naruto RPG with some aspects similar to Blox fruits! I want to use more complex codes, large world-like maps, save codes, chakra and training systems, missions ( and eventually 2-players and pvp), and ranking systems! ( We will first work on map-building, then coding and submit as beta, and then submit other parts including more!)(wanting to finish everything in at least five large updates!)

I know I can’t do all that I want to do by myself ( I have school and aftercirruicular activities) so, I want to gather some people to collaborate together to make a wonderful experience for others!

Anyone who wants to take part is accepted! But, I am mainly looking for good coders and map builders!

I will be making a studio on scratch.edu at some time this day for anyone who wants to be a curator on that and see more details! ( I will also be advertising seeking out scratchers to help out!)
and if anyone wants to give advice or some ideas on what I should do and add, feel free to say something!
( Scratch account: Katkitcreates)

so how does this affect us @Kat_aronii?

is this scratch or gimkit?

You may think what you want out of this :slight_smile: I will credit everyone on studio and in game and make special artfor those who articipate!( thumbnails, pfps, e.c.t what ever you wantme to make!)

it is for making a gimkit map, but im going to make a studio on scratch because i don’t want to cause too much clutter on the forums

can I help < I’m good at map design btw >

or is it to late

I do have a scratch account

I have some decent skills with wires, designs and biulding.
I would like to do this but I don’t have an email I can use a lot so maybe I can make a padlet.

Or is this supposed to be on scratch.
I also have good skills in scratch.

me too, i dont have anyways to contact.

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If you guys are able to find some way I can do this without it being blocked on my chromebook (like a proxy server) I can do this.


I think my scratch account is releblozyt but I’m not sure.

how revived this old post :skull:
I already deleted the map and let this post dust.

(ima just mark a solution since i can’t edit the post to “not needed anymore”)
nobody reply anyway

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This is necroposting but uh
my scratch is @TemmiesBodyGaurd

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