Voting System:How to make

If it was for among us, i would make the max 8

Can one of you help me with my game to set up a voting system?

I can post the code on wix

surePreformatted text

Do you have an account on wix to message you?

Idk. I think too complicated.

message me it

On wix?

yeah. click members chat, new chat, click on me, and message it


karl scott

yeah i have one. The name is Orange0418

there is a guide on voting

Me and WhoAmI were collabing (the c0de wasn’t in the forums) and we had a problem with the voting system

I’m not sure how to do this, but I agree with you on the guide quality lol. My friend wrote that and I had several strokes trying to reading it.

(not really but its not written well :frowning: )

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How to make a voting system (old guide from last forum). This one is really hard to understand and really long. I was asking if there were any simpler guides.

nope, if u cant figure it out, then try harder.

probably even more confusing: