Voting System:How to make

Does anyone know a simple way to make a voting system. I took one look at the guide that exists and died. So can anyone explain a simple way for voting, the guide is very long.

Voting is complicated, so i feel like there won’t be a short version. But, You could use counters and buttons and make it so when you click the button, the counter goes up by 1, And make a reset button. (So that you can re-use it

Yeah, not only is the guide very long, but to make it, you need to know how many players will be playing in your game. Idk how you would make one otherwise.

If it was for among us, i would make the max 8

Can one of you help me with my game to set up a voting system?

I can post the code on wix

surePreformatted text

Do you have an account on wix to message you?

Idk. I think too complicated.

message me it

On wix?

yeah. click members chat, new chat, click on me, and message it


karl scott

yeah i have one. The name is Orange0418

there is a guide on voting

Me and WhoAmI were collabing (the c0de wasn’t in the forums) and we had a problem with the voting system

I’m not sure how to do this, but I agree with you on the guide quality lol. My friend wrote that and I had several strokes trying to reading it.

(not really but its not written well :frowning: )

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How to make a voting system (old guide from last forum). This one is really hard to understand and really long. I was asking if there were any simpler guides.