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Is it possible to make a system like a Minecraft villager trading system? I want this system to work like this you cannot trade without the item is takes to trade. I want people to not be able to cheat. Is the possible and if so how do you do it?

You could use a crafting table with a sentry on the other side to make it look like a villager is trading

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You would likely use a vending machine.
On the Nature of a Vending Machine: A Deeper Dive into its History of Market

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Yeah, crafting table would be the way to go. It looks like a villager trade pretty similarly.

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Is there a way to do this with popups?

yes, you could use a dialogue system with checkers

here’s an example:
popup (whatever call to action clicked or popup closed) -> checker (run check)
checker (check passed) -> popup (open popup, if desired)
checker (check passed) -> item granter (grant a negative amount of the item)
repeat this step for however many items you need
checker (check passed) -> item granter (grant item)

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I’m not sure, if this would work, but editing layers and put the overlay on top of the pop-up? I am not sure

Do you mean the call-to-action button on the pop-up?

You could use Eiq’s system, that uses popups.

Simple answer:
Have a button. Put the button below the sentry. When button pressed, send a message.
A vending machine attempts to purchase when it receives the message.

If you would like a dialogue system, add a popup and call to action in between.

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If I want one villager to have multiple trades, I could just repeat this process?

yes, for 2 trades, you can use both call-to-actions, but for more than 2 you need multiple popups

Use a popup, have one call to action for one vending machine and the other for another vending machine.

Or use checkers like what eiq said.

If you want more than 2 trades, make the second call to action send on a channel to open another popup.

Thank You so much! I will mark it solved.

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You should mark the person who actually solved the issue as solved, instead of yourself.

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Okay, Thank you for letting me know.

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