Village/ town ideas

Hello all.
I am making a village/ town with about 8 people in my class. We currently have a park/ basketball court, a farm, a bank, a library, a town hall, and we all have houses. None of it is very advanced as we just started GimKit yesterday and none of us know how to do anything advanced. If anyone has any ideas of what we should as please let me know.

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You could add a mine for the players to mine blocks.
You could also make a farm (like the farm in farmchain).
You could make an armory where you can get weapons.
Finally, you could make a village raid where sentries attack you.

Thank you!
Do you know of any forums that say how to make this stuff?

maybe add a food shop that sells food
or maybe a fishing river
or you might want a disco
how about a lab to make new crops and other stuff
maybe just add a underground railway using teleporters

Welcome to the forums, @Ashtona249!

Try making an armoury where you could get weapons
Then, you could make a battle arena where you could fight
You could also make a blastball court!

I hope you have a great time on gimkit!

did you read the post?
not to be mean or anything but it already said that they have a basketball court
it is a good idea though I can understand why’d you put it down
(woops I misread thanks for telling me its blastball not basket ball)

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Oh yeah sorry I said blastball!

(not trying to be mean)

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Make sure to read the FAQ!
Maybe your could add withdrawal system to your bank with this guide!
Maybe make some readable library books at the library using popups?

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I’ve sent you some stuff!

Sounds like you are newer to GKC! I recommend reading this:
Also, be sure to check out the gimkit-beginners section.

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make an arcade with minigames (including Gimkit) :slight_smile:

how would the gimkit minigame work?

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I hope you have a great time!

Minigames for the arcade could be lots of things!
It could be:

  • Obsticle courses
  • Escape Rooms
  • Blastball
  • Tag
  • CTF
  • Mine-your-way-out sorta thing
  • Or like a boss battle!

Welcome to forums @Ashtona249!
I have a few ideas for the town:
You can use barriers to look like houses like in this guide I made

If you read this, at the end it says to make a teleporter, when you make it so you teleport ‘inside’ the house, make lots of rooms with all kinds of themes. :blush:

I would add families of sentries around town that you can talk to.

You could also make a hospital.

Hope this helps. :+1:

You should add a catacombs. (Skyrim V players know what I’m talking about.)

You could add secrets or easter eggs.

Add a real estate agency