Making buildings with barriers

So, if you are making a town type thing and you need there to be houses around the place, this guide might help.

So in your town you might want a busy city, full of skyscrapers, or a quieter house in the suburbs. I have two examples here. One of the iconic type house with the red roof and the crossed windows, and the other is of a skyscraper building.

Use lots of barriers and make the settings to visible 1.00 instead of 0.80, and make the colours whatever you think fits what you’re using it for. I added stone (light) around for a pathway because I find that it looks really good for this sort of place. Add lots of plants to make it look more natural as well. It really helps make the buildings stand out. I put some buttons in from of the buildings and set them to invisible in game, and you can make it so when you press the button you teleport inside by connecting it to a teleporter in another place like the one in the picture.
I hope you have enjoyed this guide. Have fun building! :wink:


To make the roof of the 1st house, I used lots of red barriers and assembled them. It still isn’t completely perfect but it is close enough to a triangular roof. You put a normal block of red (or whatever colour you want) and then 2 other blocks and rotate them so they are sloped upwards and connect. Then use more blocks to fill in the middle!

Barrier info

For the barriers, there are 2 options: circular and rectangular, you can also adjust the colour and the size. When you press change size (bottom left corner) you can adjust the size, shape and you can rotate it too. Play around with the setting until you are satisfied with your building. For somethings you want the barrier to be outlined and some you wouldn’t want this.


I like the designs!

my rating on this guide:

what you did well:
-pretty useful
-has examples

how you can improve:
-Add more pictures
-add what the inside would look like

Overall: 6/10 guide!

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thank you for the feedback! This was my first guide so I really appreciate the feedback

Nice guide! I really like the designs. Can you add more instructions though?
Some new people may not be sure how to make the triangle roof or the windows so more instruction would be good.
Still, a pretty good guide!

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Is this more helpful than the one before?

It looks great! Good job on this guide!

Great guide! This would solve a lot of problems trying to make buildings out of props. :slight_smile:

Gen Alpha translation (I had to try)

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bro what are you talking about

Ooh, I like this! Can I try and make a building?

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I like this!

Good things: :+1:

like how you did 2 buildings and a basketball court! :basketball:
You did a pathway, and some bushes! :blossom:
You we’re very thorough :ear:

Bad things:

Add some more photos next time :camera_flash:
Add some more interior furniture in the house :hammer_and_wrench:
Add more to the background :evergreen_tree:

Overall rating 8.3/10

Very good! :star2:
Just a recommendation maybe just have two couches facing the TV for the couch