Vent Fan - Art (char)

I have a system where players crawl through a maze…in the vents. I want to make a vent fan system, so how do i do this?

How to make Venting like Among Us. Difficulty: :green_square:

that’s a venting guide

I don’t know what a fan does or means though.


If you want to “Crawl”, then use the Venting Guide, but make it teleport you to the “Vents”

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What do you mean about the fan? Something that blows you back? If so, make it so that there is a zone that activates when the Vent starts which slows your speed until you leave


That could work if that is the case.

@here Sorry, by mistake, i didn’t mean “system”. I just needed the art for it. (THE VERTICAL ONE)

But they’re already inside the vents by the way, and they’re just finding a way to get out.

Also cassius, vent fans make places more warmer and cooler

Do you want the cold or the warmth to damage players?

So you want art… Let me make some.

Cold, i guess.

But if the player gets too close to the fan, the player gets respawned.


Then have a zone, Player Enters Zone → Respawn

If you don’t already have mechanics for this then maybe have lasers activated where it is cold and the closer you get to the fan the more damage the lasers do.(Make then invisible…)