Various Positions of Doge


Hello GimPeeps! [warning] If you haven’t seen this guide, you won’t know what I mean by the Doge.
Okay! So as you have hopefully seen, the Doge is cute. But, so far, you guys only know of one doge position: the sleeping/laying down doge. Here are the other positions of the Doge.

Much Down.

See this guide.

Much Sit.

Get the face laid out the way I(my other acct) showed you in the other post. Then, use the same body bush used in that one, and tilt it about 70-80 degrees (i think). The tail can be a tiny dry bush, and the same with the paws.

Much Feet.

The doge should be laid out the same as Lying Down Doge, except for the face that there are other bushes that are the feet. hehe. Just to be the weirdo that I am, I used feet emojis on the feet. I get bored, okay?

Much Stand

Basically the Sitting Doge, but the feet are longer and the arms shorter.

Much Eyes.

Replace the text eyes with emoji eyes. Just to be creepy.

Much Angry.

You can copy the below text to do the face. The rest is up to you!
" / " for the eyebrows
" - " for the nose
" . " for both eyes

Hope you can use this!

btw gonna add pictures soon


This is so cute! Brilliant idea! Can’t wait for the images.

@VoidFluffy Maybe add some pictures to give us more visual information?


The various postions of doge will help with easter eggs.

Amazing guide!

Please add photos. It will be easer to understand.

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