Upgrades for Fishing

Does anyone know how to help me get the upgrades for fishing liek an working Expert Rod or Backpack

One of those is an item

Recreating Fishtopia Completely [Difficulty: 6/10 :orange_square:]

No, neither of them are.

you could have a button that checks if a player has enough cash for a fishing rod then when you go to the fishing area the delay for that fishing button would be instant. sadly the fishing rod is not an actual item in the game and same with the backpack

Copy the trigger that use use for your randomizer, and change the blocks so that it’s more likely that you’ll get better fish, make a wire so that that trigger will be triggered when you’re fishing, and make it deactivated at the game start. Then wire whatever you’re using for the upgrade (I recommend Vending Machine) to the trigger to activate it, and make another wire to the other trigger to deactivate it.

So you have a backpack at the start, and this upgrade gives you a better upgrade?

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this should work too but with fish and you’ll need multiple IIM’s for each fish.

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I want the backpack thing to give me more storage to hold morefish when I sell them to get more money

copy the recreating fishtopia completely guide if that’s what you’re trying to do or use what I said above.

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I’ve already looked at the fishtopia guide and it is a lot and not exactly specify wat I need

what about my quote…?

I could try that and hopefully it will work