Upgrade the weapon every time

The last guide was hard to explain could someone help me with it.
How do you make it so every time you get a knockout your weapon changes
Pls step by step directions with what to do with the wires.
Thank you so much!!!

nobody’s on the forums this time of day i guess

I’m here, just give me a moment to figure it out.

ok, it’s kind of confusing

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Right now, I’m thinking counter, knockout manager, item granter, property???

How would you wire it?

I’m still thinking on that, but I’m pretty close to figuring it out.

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give me a bit to type


  1. place a lifecycle with the setting “when player knocks out”
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you want wires or channels?

Op asked for wires

Anywho I’m kinda confused rn. Are we changing the weapon type (ex. P.M.L. to Blaster) or rarity (ex. Common to Uncommon) or just the damage output in general?

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Weapons type and I want wires too

Sry, using channels and I did rarity instead of weapon type, but you can change some of the KO Manager and Item Granter settings. (I started before you said weapons type)
Hope this will still be of use to you.
Get a knockout manager, go to items, and select the next item tier. For me, it’s an Evil Eye (Uncommon.) Make a channel from the “When target knocked out, transmit on” option.

Picture of the KO manager

Then grab an item granter and make the settings like this (ko is the channel from the KO manager)

Now make another item granter and make the settings like this:
Screenshot 2024-06-11 12.32.48 PM
Then add another KO manager and make the settings like this:


Screenshot 2024-06-11 12.35.52 PM

Add a lifecycle and set it to this:
Screenshot 2024-06-11 12.38.22 PM
Keep multiplying the KO managers and item granters for your needs.

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Thx, let me read through this.

It’s kind of hard to do with the wrong info but will try to do some of the correct things.

I have questions about this and have not gotten a clear answer

Try using this guide- it will do all the granting. Remix it, and make it so instead of a button it’s on knock out- and just copy the entire guide again and make it so it takes away an item.

It’s a little complicated though so I understand if you can’t do it

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How to Get a Random Weapon Upon Knockout! Difficulty :green_square: or 2/10!
I made this guide a long time ago, I think it should be the solution!

TLDR; Loot tables and item granters (also knockout managers).


Thank you this is lots of help will mark solution after I finish game

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