Unique and cool but unnecessary guides (platformer)

so I tryed finding all the cool but unnecessary guides but cant find more so if u guys have any pls share! because I want to make my map as cool as posible

so prop and art stuff?

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Is this a platformer map?

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@foxy that is correct and so it doesnt effect anything in the game
@Cellofive saw that one but thanks for the help!

yes I’ma put that in topic desc

Make the map harder

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Why did you link their reply and not the main topic…?

don’t understand what u said sry

Oops mb
also this guide:


Also maybe hat’s guide:

Might be interesting

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I was thinking something more like cool yk cuz the map is hard enough

Oh ok then I’m out of guides

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yea but the player unalives due to a laser
what if i add a zone will it count?


well what i mean is its useless but unique and makes people like it and so it doesnt effect the game or make any bugs for the game

Here is the tag platformer. I have my setting to where whatever happens on it I get notified, so I now get more than 1 notification a day! (You should see my guide though, just a thought though)

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Add lore, then add lots of attention to detail. (could that be good?)

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I get notified for every guide so I hit at least 5 a day

Edit: lore and small details help a lot as well as clear directions


lore is being worked on currently (so I already thought of that)

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