[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Creative Platforming!

How do you make a checkbox?

[x ] but without space


ok thanks

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nice guide i really liked and even tho i can make/know how to use platforming a learned more!

have any devices been added to platforming since release?

oh yea @Coolcaden26 they have all the devices from the beginning just the only terrain they have is the terrain in dont look down

thank’s for letting me know. i was just wondering, since not every device is in platforming yet.

yea np but they have all of them

They don’t have all devices that are in top-down.
Like, they don’t have the ball or flag

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Also, guys, please only edit with permission.

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oh i didn’t know that its just that there are so many when you look at it it looks like all of them are there

Oh my, like grinding at its finest.

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If you don’t have any purpose to the forum other than putting down other guides, why did you want to make an account in the first place?
Also, ABCD asked someone to make a wiki for them (as they lost regular for some reason), cellofive agreed and made a wiki.
Just because a post is a wiki, doesn’t mean it’s to farm likes.
If we keep being negative to people, do you think it’ll fix the forum? No!
Instead, encourage people and add suggestions you want to be added to the guide. I’ll think for some things to add in a bit.
Lastly, it’s people’s choice to decide will and what post they will like and I’m not forcing them in any way.

As Pharlain said:

If you cannot be kind, do not post.

Anyways, I’m sorry if you got offended. Negativity is also probably one of the big problems on the forum, and I don’t want anyone to get affected by it. :frowning:

(Please don’t continue this conversation, I don’t wanna start an argument)


Wait what….

…WHAAAAAAAAA ….itsa pop it….:0

what im confused are talking about me being mean here?
(bc if so i thought @shaquille.oatmeal was talking to me and i thought it was a joke to me)
and if your mad at me im sorry for liking the post. are we good?

ohh ok
just so you know i probably grind gimkit too

This is definetly bringing some people to leave the forums at one point, so you just might wanna stop, no offense.


@hyperion67 only edit with permission and don’t click the checkmark for fun

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I have a question… what does the gold key dig it up?

Please stay on-topic in my topic.