[ Unfinished Guide - Deleted By Author ]

Ima let this go. Next time, please ask for perms

You cant share things like this. You have to be TL3 to make it wiki

You only have 24 hours to edit this (as a TL0), so make sure to finish this guide soon!

How do i become TL1? And how long does TL1 have to finish it?

You have basically a day from when you joined, the mods have to accept you.

Just read some posts and be a bit active (for like 10-20 minutes). That should be enough.
I think you still would have a day to work on it though.
Here’s a guide with information about trust levels:

You do know you’re already TL1, right?

No they aren’t. They are still TL0, they have no badges…

Shortest Guide ever Seen bro :skull::skull:

It is incomplete. There are shorter guides.

It says that they’re a basic user in their profile though…
(TL0s would have “new user” in their profile.)

Hmm thats odd. When i joined I remember that I had to wait a day to be accepted. I think they are still basic even if they have just joined.


If the guide is Incomplete then why post it? :skull:

Sometimes, its better to do that.

:skull: Still have a lot to learn then

(I have a lot to learn)

its wip (work in progress)

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So now how long do I have to edit and finish this?

Thanks for everyone who helped me start my forum account and learn about TL things. :slight_smile:

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Does deleting count as editing? Can’t I just copy the entire post, delete it, and put it in a new post? Also, I’m out of replies for the next 19 hours.

Alright, I understand now