[ Unfinished Guide - Deleted By Author ]

It is incomplete. There are shorter guides.

It says that they’re a basic user in their profile though…
(TL0s would have “new user” in their profile.)

Hmm thats odd. When i joined I remember that I had to wait a day to be accepted. I think they are still basic even if they have just joined.


If the guide is Incomplete then why post it? :skull:

Sometimes, its better to do that.

:skull: Still have a lot to learn then

(I have a lot to learn)

its wip (work in progress)

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So now how long do I have to edit and finish this?

Thanks for everyone who helped me start my forum account and learn about TL things. :slight_smile:

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Does deleting count as editing? Can’t I just copy the entire post, delete it, and put it in a new post? Also, I’m out of replies for the next 19 hours.

Alright, I understand now

yes you can!

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14 hours now.
I don’t know if deleting counts as editing, but I think you could be able to “delete” the guide and move to a new one if your time runs out.

@clef Did you move the post to another topic?
(Also, I was wrong. Since you became a TL1, you have a day or two left to edit this guide, I think.)

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I might make a TUG for Bedwars…