Understanding blocks

I have looked at the guides we have, and i don’t seem to really comprehend them. Can some one tell me what blocks do, how and why should i use them and when should i use them? Im just confused on the whole subject.

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Um… have you ever used Scratch or used block code?

what do you want to make, first of all, block is like coding

Hmm, I would give you this guide:

But I don’t think it would help that much, as the series isn’t finished yet.

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no i have started JS. but not blocks or scratch

i know but like the most simple coding blocks aren’t there, like a loop.

yeah, its not that wide and more options like scratch does

yeah and i am a artist not a coder and i want to be good at both. so i know how to uses devices well but not blocks.

Oh… so a block runs a simple function. When the EVENT occurs, it runs that function. Some blocks do math and use logic. Others do actions like channels or changes to a device. Properties store data used in the blocks.
How to use:
Drag out blocks. Blocks that have “puzzle piece” connecters on the top and bottom connect with others that have the same. Others have them on the side. If they have them only on the side, it is data that can be stored. This data connects to a block that is also data or a side “puzzle piece.” It’s like finishing a sentence. Anyone with knowledge of code should be able to figure it out. Blocks use lots of logic, so if that is not your best strength, it might get confusing.
I did not know what you needed to know so here you go.


You can use devices for that.


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