Umm... I feel amazaing!

I need help because i dont know what my next update should be, Me, Whereismyhat, Seven Seas, and Dodge, have made cookie clicker, and the game has gotten 1254 plays in the past 48 hours, i promised them an update when we got to a thousand plays, so i need help!

Also i spelt amazing wrong on purpose.

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Make the next update have more upgrades, and a VIP area, where a random player is a VIP with X1.5 as much clicks.

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Make it so that you can rebirth(if not there already)

Going off of CJracer, add rebirths, like the actual cookie clicker. But then it’s all gonna be in one session though, so bragging rights! :sunglasses:

Add a secret button with some sort of award for checking the credits?


Upgrade idea:

Title: “Brag”

Cost: A TON of clicks

Discription: You get bragging rights!

Ability: “CLIK” (spelled wrong on purpose, that’s the name) Gives you a lot of clicks, cooldown of 5 seconds

Upgrade idea:

Title: Steal

Cost: Nothing, awarded by a secet badge.

Discription: Steal da clicks!

Ability: “Rob”, takes a random amount of clicks from a random person. Cooldown of 45 seconds.

do you already have golden cookies?