Um, I don't know what it is

I have this game where if you ko, your number goes up 1.
If you get koed, it goes down one.
It seems easy to do with properties, but for some reason, it doesn’t work, I think my brain isn’t working rn, so if you could help, that’d be great!
Also, what is this called? I thought of KDR but it’s not that.

if you use a knockout manager to an indropable item- then when knockout → +1 by item granter and the opposite

Oh no, I’m not gonna use items, as they could drop them, I would like to use properties, which is a lot more clean.

then prop- can you explain what a property is I never used it-

set the property to an “thing” then use it

A KDR is the ratio between your kills and deaths.

Yo, this is urgent. you know Blizzy’s DOD padlet? In that padlet, we need to raid a really sussy padlet at 5:30.

Yeah, it’s not a ratio though, it’s just how many koes you have minus the deaths.
so if you have 5 koes and 4 deaths.
5 - 4 = 1
you’re number is 1


that would be 5:4 for example.
not 1.
1 isn’t a ratio.

basically you want a score that tells the player how many times they killed people/died?

yes, and I need to know what to call it.
I know how, but I just can’t do it for some reason.

can you show me what you’re using right now? screenshots, block code, wires, channels, settings, etc.

I used property.
It was player scoped.
It went down on death,
Up on kill.
it doesn’t work for some reason, any ideas?

what are you using to find deaths? also, is the property a number property?

yes, it’s a number
I’m using a knock- wait, lemme try a lifecycle rq
also, what is this called?

how are you increasing/decreasing the property? blocks or counter?
also idk, but I think it is in ssb, that’s the one place I know of

get property "idk" - 1 or + 1

is it possible to share screenshots for everything? there prolly isn’t a good way to find out the problem without seeing the whole picture. also I gtg for a little bit

Hey guys this might help I dont know if it helps to you

Tell me if is not helpful

lifecycle (knocked out) - trigger 1
lifecycle (knocks out) - trigger 2
trigger 1: get property "property" - 1
trigger 2: get property "property" + 1