Ultimate box-minigame

Keep in mind it was made in 2 hours at MOST so don’t expect it to be perfect…Remember to be conservative with the pixels!!there is a max of 200 pixels that can be placed in gimkit!
You make a spider infested box here is an example.

Have a wall become pixelated by using the :space_invader: emoji. and pixels (you can look at How to make pixel-art in gimkit on how to make pixel art)

using wire repeaters set to 1 delay have it where the spider slowly gets closer using animations.
How to Make Animation | Difficulty: 🟧 use this to help with your animation…
have where a overlay tells a player to run through the pixel wall…have zone so it teleports player to next area…
Then have a collection of moving space terrain and pixels and have it to teleport you through it with a bunch of teleporters bringing yo slowly through it to the next area…something like this…

(that was a quick rough draft)
then add another box like the first but bigger and pixelated…

now make the pixel monster and things for player to hide behind…

then have when its defeated you go back through pixel “hyperspace” back back to box…
add a huge hand grabbing box but have overlay saying BREAK THE LEFT BOX WALL!!!
make sure everything on left wall has damage on for 1 hit from quantum portal that was used to defeat pixel monster…and you hop away from the box…
This was a quick guide made by legobuilder for @Princess2216 for box design!


Keep in mind this was made for anyone to use but mostly for @Princess2216 to use for their box designs…its kinda vague but detailed enough for anyone to build if they try hard enough.

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THis is really cool, but i didn’t really understand it, is it a game, an animation?
But I can see you put a BUNCH of work into it.

it is a mini-game with animation…im extremely surprised i got so much done so quickly In school…since i had a little time in geometry and most of digital applications i was able to do it.

this can be used as mini-game or added as a portion of your gamemode.

Thanks @Legobuilder !

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No problem! happy to help!

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If you need anything in the future i can try to help…might be able to make it even better than this next time.

Nice guide, @Legobuilder!