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Thanks for the help on previous post from like 20 minutes ago lol. I found some more things I need help with though. First, is it possible to make it so a sentry respawns only when a certain event happens instead of respawning after a set amount of seconds? Second, if the previous is possible, would it be possible to make said event be when a certain team reaches 0 players?

for 1 yes, but how is the sentry going to respawn again? what is that event

probably when receiving on a channel

is the sentry going to be active on start?


for the character limit put random words in between these signs: <>

ok back on topic, just put that channel name here, in the sentry settings under channel, under activate

hm alright. Does deactivating sentry make it invisible tho?

yes it does

dang maybe I should try harder before I post here, so simple. Is the second thing possible tho?

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so when that team hits 0 players what will happen?

Are the players that are no longer on the team just on spectator team or have they actually left the game?

so make this counter guide, How to make a LIVE player counter :yellow_square: - Community Made Guides - Gimkit Creative make it team scoped (also make the rely on that specific team), and on the counter make the target value at 0. then make it on the counter settings on the target tab, add the channel,

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it will broadcast channel so I can reset a room once everyone is the room is knocked out. Probably irrelevant, but I already made a thing that switches everyone in the room to the team, and once they get knocked out the get sent back to default team.

above post in the “Probably irrelevant” part lol

try what i said.

yes I am going to see if it works hang on

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sorry it took a while, Im in school and had to do some work. It worked though, thanks :smiley:

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