Tutorial photos like in 2d modes

i mean like the pictures

What pictures? There aren’t any pictures on the nolt website.

im not talking about the website

Can you elaborate on that?

I meant how do you think the gimkit team made those tutorial images

i sounded alittle british there

They probably added screenshots or have a completely different way of making games. Now please mark a solution, as this is getting off-topic.

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Yeah, they do not use Creative. They probably code the game.

i thought i heard somewhere that all gamemodes were made in creative but ur prob right

That would be impossible. They made the gamemodes before they made creative. Plus, the boat isn’t there, so fishtopia couldn’t have been made.

ok, they should add a boat

ocean maps would be cooler

im getting off topic sorry

They use creative to make their games, but the engine wasn’t t accessible to the public.

Wait, really? I thought blackhole said somewhere on the old forum that that wasn’t true?

Huh. My bad.

nolt nolt nolt

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